Picnic Decorating Game

Picnic Decorating Game

What’s the weather like where you are? Don’t worry if it’s cold or raining, because the sun is always shining in our girls’ games! Today you’re heading to the park to enjoy a tasty picnic, but first you need to decide what you’re going to eat and drink. Come and arrange the perfect day out in this picnic decorating games

You and your friends will need to be comfortable if you want to enjoy your picnic, so start this decorating game for girls by choosing a blanket and pillows for you to sit on. Next it’s time for the important part: the food! There are cakes, donuts, cookies, fruit and many more tasty snacks to choose from, so don’t hold back! Finally, pick some toys or puppies to play with after your lunch, and your picnic will be complete! Miniclip Enjoy!

How to Play Picnic Decorating Game
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